Posted by: granny1947 | May 28, 2010

Granny post from home

Hi All.

So we went for a walk on the beach.
One would swear Jasmine had not been down for a month.
She was so excited.
Barked incessantly.
Leapt onto the front seat.
When I yelled at her she jumped back and, in the process, I got a hairy, ginger tail in my mouth.
She was lucky I didn’t bite her!

When I let her out of the car she screamed off down to the beach and then raced back to me as if to say “well hurry up old girl”

There is a little stream that runs down to the sea from the hills.
It is always a bit brown and warmer than the seawater.
I tell myself  this is because it has come down from the hills.
Anything else does not bear thinking about.
Today it was a raging torrent but I bravely crossed it.
OK…that is a bit of poetic licence.
It WAS a fair way over my ankles.

We have just come back from supper with my DIL.
And a jolly nice supper it was too.
Good to see the grandkids.
Not that I saw much of the 18 year old.
He is attached to his computer by an invisible cord.
I wonder where he gets that from?

So…enough of my ramblings.
Time I took this old body to bed.

See you all in the morning.



  1. Hope you slept well Hon.

    • Good Morning OC…like a log!

  2. Oh that scene is just too beautiful, Gran. Don’t worry teenagers are always preoccupied with something else, lol. My grandsons were here last weekend and couldn’t stop texting, or whatever, on their cellphones. 🙂

    • Morning Adee…I stopped worrying about him ages ago!!!

  3. Granny, that picture has made me wish I could have been Jasmine, running up and down the shore enjoying the weather.

    • I know Mid-thirty….I want to come back as MY dog!

  4. I’ve missed the regular fixes of pixes and news of Jasmine!

    • Well, you won’t have to miss them anymore Col!
      Are you still figuring out your avatar?
      On Monday I will send you a list of instructions that Cindy kindly did for us.
      Useful tips.
      I see some people STILL do not understand the issues at LD.
      Think I made a couple of new enemies with my comment!!!

  5. Thanks glad you enjoyed it…better than McDonalds hey?!!! Night night sleep well xxx

    • Macdonalds…ugh…it was really super!

  6. Very Good site, thank yo mister, it’s help’s me!

    • Uhm…I know I have a gruff voice but I didn’t think it showed on the blogs!

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