Posted by: granny1947 | May 27, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy Granny

Good Morning Everyone.

Today my brain is wrapped in cotton wool.
It is not operating at maximum capacity.
It could be this bug.
It could be the onset of senility.
I prefer the first option.

Cape Town is freezing.
Winter has arrived with a vengeance.
Jasmine is ignoring me.
She hasn’t been for a walk for two days.

It is quite amazing.

My children have tried emotional blackmail…it didn’t work.
My grandchildren have tried emotional blackmail….it didn’t work.
My mother is trying emotional blackmail…well that IS sort of working.
Then this hair shedding baby gives me THIS look and I,immediately,become wracked with guilt.

Do you blame me?

I ventured out into the cold just now and took this shot.

Who knows anything about Paw Paws?
Two of them are ginormous.
Last year,when the fruit was much smaller, the baboons came down and pulled them all off.
Took one bite and left them as they were still green.
I am sure the troupe are sitting on top of the mountain with a spyglass and
watching the progress of the fruit.
Getting ready to swoop.
If I pick them now will they ripen?


  1. Hi Granny. It is freezing today! I hope your “bug” isn’t too serious. Hope you feel better soon.

    • My goodness 40…that was quick!!!!
      Thank you…my bed and Dean Koonz are calling!

  2. Get back to bed now!
    (Tell Jasmine I would take her for a walk if I was closer).

    • Will do. Just told Jasmine…she just looked at me sadly…damn dog!

  3. Sorry you are not feeling well, no idea about paw paws.

    • Well that is no help then..hehehe
      No-one seems to know anything…maybe I should try google!

  4. Hi Granny – stay in bed and don’t move until you’re feeling better – otherwise this bug just keeps coming back! Pawpaws – I have heard that wrapping them in newspaper will help them to ripen – also read that putting any fruit in a paper bag with a couple of bananas will work – the bananas help the fruit ripen – weird!

    • I MUST go back to work tomorrow…just now they discover they don’t need me!

  5. PS Haven’t tried the banana in a bag trick but the newspaper wrapping works a treat with green avo’s.

    • Hi Wolf…am going to give paper a try!

  6. Glad to see you back, Gran. Take care until it’s well and truly gone.

    Pawpaws – if they’ve grown to full size then I think you can pick them and let them ripen naturally. I know newspaper works for avo’s. We always had pawpaws when I lived in Natal which we left on the trees until they showed a bit of orange – but of course no baboons! I think perhaps try the newspaper on one of the bigger ones.

    • I am going to try that…they are huge…don’t think they can get much bigger!

  7. OK, OK, I did your Googling for you 😀

    • Thank you so much Just Me….think I will just pick the huge ones and put them in paper…see what happens…I don’t even like the things!

  8. That’s the only time a “bug” is a positive – when it’s the alternative to senility – definitely. Hope you feel better soon!

    Don’t know anything about pawpaws or baboons. But I do know I’m glad that, here, we’re moving to summer instead of winter. I’m tired of winter!

    • Oy Grandawn…we are just starting winter….very cold here…not by your standards but definitely for us…We don’t have central heating…we are just not geared up for cold!

  9. Get well soon!! Love you xxx

    • MUST be better tomorrow…am looking forward to supper and seeing you and the kids…even the grumpy one!!!

  10. Aw, those eyes would do me in every single time. Get betta soon. Shoo how to protect paw paws from nabbing baboons? I don’t kno

    • Hi Everme….will be fine tomorrow…thank you love!

  11. I think there is a doggy school where they practise the abject misery look! My dogs have got it down to a damn tee… 😦
    How you feeling now? Better? If not – let me know and I’ll post some soup over that I made – but if you die from food poisoning it won’t be my fault.. ok?

    • Hi Frog…I have heard about your cooking skills…I’ll pass!!!!

      • MOFFIE!

      • What can I say…I live to worry!!!!

  12. Hello my friend – so I should not be telling you of my sitting under the lapa this afternoon .. no shoes & short sleeves .. job seeking on the internet?
    Hope you feeling better soon – not sure bout the pawpaws .. good luck with that and let us know how it goes

    • No love…you shpuld NOT be telling me about that…humpfffffffff

  13. It’s startng to get cold down our end too Granny. If I was Jasmine, I would stay comfy and warm, nestled in that couch.

    • Hi Mid thirty…freezing here..unfortunately Jasmine does not seem to see it that waY!

  14. I’m still wearing summer blouses and sandals. Had just one day when I wore boots and a jersey. I don’t think it’s going to last long though.
    Paw paws should ripen in newspaper. I remember my Mom doing that.
    Take care.

    • Oh shut up Madmom…don’t want to hear about sandals etc…I am in socks and tackies….Puppycat also sitting under her Lapa in short sleeves.

  15. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly! I think that cold front of yours is expected to hit Jhb on the weekend!

    • Oh Boy Adair…the best of luck…you guys get REALLY cold up there!

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