Posted by: granny1947 | May 25, 2010

Not so grumpy Granny

Good Morning All.

 The beach walk worked.
My mood lifted magically.
This might  change just now.
My boss(the evil one)  did a surprise audit late yesterday afternoon.
There were variances. 
I need to look at them now.
One has to have one’s priorities right,though.
Blogging first.
I might even have to delay my coffee.
Now THAT is bad news.
Maybe I should warn my staff.

I am downloading my pictures as large….hope this is going to work.

Now they look VERY big…when I do them on medium they seem too small.
Am I getting too old for all this learning stuff?

What is with all the strikes on at the moment.
The World Cup is making it perfect  for the unions to use a bit of blackmail.
Time our President took a break from his numerous wives and DOES something.
I won’t hold my breath.

Now I had BETTER get cracking with some work.

Have a wonderful day All.


Had to redo the pictures…don’t think anyone wants to look at Jasmine’s tail!!
Nice as it it is!



  1. Morning, the picture thing is a bit of a pain. I find that I need to spend quite a lot of time in Photoshop resizing them so that I can select ‘original size’ to display.

    Have a nice day.
    (I’ve posted this link on your FB page)

    • Morning Love…thank you…you are such a star….What do you resize them to?
      Medium too small ,,,large too large…driving me mad.

  2. Always coffee first. The rest can come later. 🙂

    • Morning Madmom…had two very strong cups…have developed a nervous tic!

  3. Hello Granny – so glad you’re not grumpy today 🙂 It is a beautiful day in KZN – best time of the year this is. Local municipality is cutting all the grass for the Comrades so it is really looking good. Will be stuck at home on Sunday as the runners plod right past my front gate – ho hum.

    • Hello Wolf…I am always housebound when it is the Argus or The Two Oceans….gives me an excuse to veg!!!

  4. Hey Granny – I got the big pictures via my email and it looked positvely stunning!!
    There is a little program called IrfanView… it is an amazing little freeware tool that can resize a picture to the EXACT pixel that you want without too much effort. I’ve found that 640 x 480 fills the width of the page…. so that is the biggest size that I go.
    You want the link?

    • hi Frog…Yes please love….would love the link!

      • Try here – it is about 1.3mb to download and incredibly easy to install. Once you resize pictures and see all the other perks for this little freeware program – You will never look back.

        You can crop, rotate and do loads of special effects with it… Good luck

      • Thanks Lynda…can’t open the page…will try from work tomorrow!

  5. Sounds like you are doing well.

    Love Fee

    • Hello Fee…Yes,thank you…I am doing great…how are things at letterdash?

  6. Granny, hehe – we all learning new stuff here. I’m still learning how to get into my blog without going thru this process of double click and sideways slip.

    Aw to be on a beach right now. Hope the rest of your day was good.

    • hi Kim…I can do that but am still battling with seeing new notifications etc…never fear…we will get there!

  7. Delay your coffee?!? Unthinkable!

    Jasmine is a beautiful beastie – and that’s a lovely pic.

    • Hello Daynemercy…Thank you…I just love her to bits!!!

  8. I’m so glad the beach walk worked! But delaying coffee will bring back the grumps. (I believe there is valid research on that subject.)

    • Hi Grandawn…I don’t know where the research is but I love it!!!

  9. I’m also battling to get the size of photos just right, even though I resize them on my pc first.
    Nothing like a walk on the beach to blow the cobwebs and bad mood away 🙂

    • Very frustrating that I can’t open the darn thing…have a super evening!

  10. I’ve also been having problems with the pics. Ta Lyndatjie – I will download. My gigs are almost finished (again!) *sigh* so will have to buy extra in any case as I won’t last out to Monday. You have no idea how much I envy you your beautiful view, Gran! It’s true about a picture being worth more than …

  11. A walk on that beach had better improve your mood!! It’s beautiful. I’m at our place in the Arizona desert … beautiful in it’s own way … but no beach. You ARE NOT too old for the learning stuff.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • I read your post…it looks lovely there but I think I prefer the beach!!!

  12. Also … has anyone pointed out that your blog header says “this is a log of my lie…such as it is! ”

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • Good Morning Older Eyes…yes…think it might be a Freudan slip!

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