Posted by: granny1947 | May 23, 2010


Hello All.

So…this morning we¬† wandered around the Muizenburg Flea market.
It was packed.
Some people still have money.
Lucky them.
Customs and the Revenue service were out in force too.
What expensive vehicles they drive.
Guess where our money goes.
The stall holders were complaining.
Very loudly.
I have often wondered which trucks their merchandise has fallen off.

We had a boerewors roll for breakfast.
Good value for money.
I am still repeating the thing.

We went home via Simonstown.
Saw our Naval fleet.
All two of them.

Now I have to write a condolence letter.
A woman, from our complex, died on the plane coming back from England,yesterday.
She was doing homecare there.
Think she was probably in her fifties.
A dreadful shock for her poor husband.

It looks like rain on the way.
I had better go and do my favourite Sunday task.
Picking up dog pooh.
Any volunteers for help?
I didn’t think so.



  1. Sorry Granny – but I have my own dog poop to pick up…. maybe we should stop feeding them?
    I spent today washing every single thing in this house because with the three cold fronts coming it might be a long time before we get our washing dry in Cape Town again.
    Oh yes… and thanks for inviting me to the flea market…. I might not have money – but boy do I love browsing around looking for interesting titbits.

    • You only have little dogs…Jasmine is another story!!!
      THREE coldfronts…shit…we are going to have dirty sheets!
      All we bought was food that wasn’t on my diet!!!
      Next time.

  2. Sounds like a lekker day – love you xxx

    • It was good but no walk…love you too!

      • Wanted to tell you I noticed your header says “a log of my lie” instead of “a log of my life” .. good night

      • Oy…thank you…will change it…or maybe it is apt?

  3. hope you have a good week!

    • Thanks Tandy…you too,love.

  4. Haven’t been to that market for yonks.
    Damn, now I want a boerie roll …

    • Am starving myself now…..the thought of a plate of oats does NOT excite me!!!

  5. I am full of love for boerwors rolls for brekkie! Did you buy anything at the market?

    • Don’t be silly Simon….the week before payday?

  6. Oh, I love fleamarkets, just as well I’m too far away, lol!

    • Morning Adee….I love them too but you HAVE to have money!!!

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