Posted by: granny1947 | May 21, 2010

Meanderings from home.

Went for a great walk after work.
Not a breath of wind.
Not a cloud in the sky.
Next to no waves.
Which made me wonder what the lone guy wading out to sea with a surfboard thought he was going to be doing.

Have you ever tried to step into pawprints?
Like following footprints.
You just look ridiculous.

Received some Maxine cartoons today.
One of them said:

Doctors can make mistakes too.
Mine told me to undress.

I sent it onto my doctor.
A lovely guy.
With a great sense of humour.
Cute too.
He replied:

“Been there….done that”

He will probably tell me I am dying with a smile on his face.
Hmmmm…maybe it is time to change docs.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Stay with the Doc, I like the sound of him. Time to come back now!

    • It is tempting Supa…..I miss the interaction…but this place is a real challenge!

  2. Yes, we want you back!

    • You are so sweet but can you imagine the field day Innocent would have!!!!!

  3. Lol, your doctor sounds like a dream!

    • He is…I have recommended so many people to him I will have to start asking for commission!

  4. Thanks for visiting me! 🙂 Your post reads like a poem. Lovely. I can’t remember exactly where my co-worker was from but very likely was cape town! Thank you for the well-wishes.

    • Now THERE is a first…poetry…lol!
      Thank you for the visit.

  5. I like that doctor.

    • Well you can’t have him…he is all MINE!!!

  6. What a nice doctor you have! Do NOT change.

    • Not a chance in hell…love him to bits!

  7. Thank you for the kind comment you left at my site. Good to have the first comment be a sweet one.

    A stealth surfer, perhaps?

    • I am new to this blogsite…what on earth is a stealth surfer?
      I picked you up from Tag surf…the only place I have been able to find nice posts!

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