Posted by: granny1947 | May 21, 2010


Good Morning Everyone.

I am a tired Granny today.
Simon and his delightful friend came for supper.
They arrived late because of dreadful traffic.
This was bad news.
I get geared up for visitors but after two glasses of wine the enthusiasm wanes.
Not for the visitors, I hasten to add, but for the preperation.
By the time we sat down to eat I just put a pot of rice and a pot of stew and dumplings on the table and said “help yourself”
And they did.
Don’t you just love young men with good appetities?
Makes it all worthwhile,somehow.

Got about five minutes from home, this morning, when I put my hand to my chest.
No I wasn’t having a heart attack.
No glasses.
Turned car and went back home.
This old bat is a blind old bat without specs.
I could have handled not doing any work today but hell…I wouldn’t have been able to blog.
One has to have one’s priorities right.

I was talking to my boss on Wednesday.
Sometimes I do.
We were talking about my female staff member.
The one who refuses to accept she could possibly make a mistake.
He asked if I had made her cry.
Mentioned he would not know how to handle it if I should ever cry.
I have found his weak spot.
Anyone got an onion?

Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words. Quotations


  1. Good morning Granny. How nice to see your pics again! We miss you dreadfully. Have a great Friday.

    • good Morning Jen…that is so sweet of you…am missing you guys too!

  2. Hello Love, just think of Lotto winners and I’m sure the tears will flow.

    • Ouch Cin…you know how to hurt!!!

  3. Just trying to be helpful. hmphfff!

  4. I see two cross “Supa’s” at the bottom of your post 😦 What are they supposed to be? So glad I found your new blog home 😀

    • You should know me by now Just Me…not the brightest spark!!!Actually they are inverted commas…who knows why they appeared like that!!!

      • Were they fancy schmancy or just normal ones? *JustMe dons a foil cap … just to be safe*

      • I don’t know if foil cap will do it!!!!

    • Am also SO glad you found me!!!

      • YAY 😀

      • Mutual admiration club…I love it!

  5. So glad I have found you. You sound like me after a few wines. Have a great weekend. SD

    • I am glad you found me too…except…uhm…errrrr…who are you?

  6. Si has been braggin about your cooking forEver but you know he keeps you secret and too himself. I’m sure he doesn’t want to fight for the food bwaa haa haa.
    Traffic sucks I’ve been a mood this week because of it!

    • Traffic sucks? Move to the Deep South.
      Tell him I said he has to bring you with next time!

  7. Sorry Granny, fresh out of onions here – I can throw you dead with strawberries though…one day if I am ever fortunate enough to visit Simon in Cape Town, I am going to bribe him with a bottle of wine and we’ll come visit you.

    • Hello There…I LOVE strawberries but they wouldn’t make me cry.You are so welcome to visit!!!

  8. I can show you my bank balance… if that doesn’t make you cry then you are a hard woman!

    • I am immune….mine has had no money in it since the 5th of the month…roll on payday!!!

      • The 5th? YO! How did you make it last so long? Mine departed from this world the day my salary was paid in….

      • I know…I did well this month!!!!

  9. Teenage boys and young men can sure put away a lot of food!! My mother used to say they had hollow legs and holes in their feet – the food went straight through – only way she could imagine how they fitted it all in 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

    • Hi Wolfhound…it was a joy to watch…I will try to have a good weekend…it will be a quiet one…the last weekend before payday!!!

  10. Hello Granny!
    It’s so nice to finally be able to see your pics!
    can never see any pics over on LD…
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi Jem…thanks love…am not too happy with my pics with this new camera…will take more tomorrow…no…make that this evening.
      Hope your weekend is great too.

  11. Hello it’s me…still working on how to do this stuff!!

    • Hello Sweetheart…you will work it out…if I can…ANYONE can!!!!

  12. Hi, granny1947 – I’ve solved the “no glasses” thing by going to contacts. Except now I have to use a magnifying glass sometimes – those pesky pill bottles.
    Onions – hmmmm – yeah, that’s the ticket!

    • Hi Grandawn…thanks for the visit…don’t think contacts would work for me…might interfere with the tears…thanks for the visit!

      • Oh, you’re right! The onion fumes and tears and all mixed together. 🙂

      • Good Morning Grandawn…thank you so much for the visit.

  13. Glad you got your priorities right with your specs!

    Have a super weekend.

    • Thanks HP…you too sweetheart…is hubby home this weekend?

  14. Hey granny luv, lovely photies…onions work. Hope your weekend is a good one. Do you still need help with the blogroll thingie? Hugs to you xxx

    • Hi Love…Cindy has sent me a whole tutorial which I will study tomorrow…will probably scream for help!!!

  15. First visit. I like what I see and read. I’ll be back to read more soon. Meanwhile, thanks for commenting on my birthday post.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • Hello Oldereyes…thank you so much for the visit…I am so glad you enjoyed…I look forward to seeing you again!

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