Posted by: granny1947 | May 19, 2010

2010 World Cup

Jasmine in Doggy heaven.

So many interesting smells.

So much seaweed to eat.

And regurgitate.

Unless you live in a world where the only people you talk to are the ones in your head you will be aware the World Cup is coming to South Africa.

I  may attend a match.

However, we have a “musical” instrument called the vuvuthingy.

It has been adopted by a LARGE proportion of our people.

It makes a very loud noise.

It is difficult to blow.

After a while it fills with spit.

This is freed by flicking the wrist.

So….if you see a figure,completely, wrapped in oilskins and wearing a plastic mask….that will be me.



  1. hahaha, I’m just ignoring the World Cup. Uh oh, I can’t ignore it, I have Poms coming to stay for the duration …

    • good Morning Cin…rather you than me!!!!

  2. Hi Granny. Found you! Is this where all the errant bloggers have disappeared to? Have a great day. Hugs xx

    • Am so pleased you popped in AD…hope you are still having a WONDERFUL time!

  3. Yay, now I can still get my daily Granny fix 🙂
    Right as I was reading this someone started blowing a vuvuthingy outside our window! The cup came to visit our town today so everyone is in a bit of a tizz about it.

    • Oh I am SO glad Rose….thanks so much for popping in.

  4. Eeuuw! I can just imagine the smell coming off that seaweed!
    I’ll be skipping all matches thanks, the thought of being squashed inbetween 70odd thousand people just doesn’t appeal to me.

    • I must admit…none of it appeals to me…sorry soccer fans!

  5. YAY found you my friend ..
    what is worse I was shopping the other day and saw a meat pack with a vuvathingymabob attached to it .. sadistic shopkeepers the lot of them !!!!
    Have an awesome evening

    • Yippee!!!!!!!!!This place is getting to feel more and more like home.

  6. Yuck, those vuvuthings is gross, wet and loud…

    • Just imagine all that spit flying around…euwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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