Posted by: granny1947 | May 18, 2010

post from home


Hi Everyone.

I did warn you.

You will be seeing a lot of this mountain!

Took Jasmine down to the beach after work.

She was very enthusiastic.

Me…less so!

It was great.

There is nothing more soothing than walking along the beach with your feet in the cold Atlantic.

Your stress just melts away.

I had plenty of stress too.

Have a new staff member.

One of those people who cannot accept they can make a mistake.

Paranoia takes over.

SOMEONE is out to get her!

If she is not careful it is going to be ME!!!!

Now I am off to bed.

My book is waiting.

Have a great evening all.



  1. I just love that pic!
    Good luck with the new staff member; I know quite a few people like that and boy, can they be draining.

    • She is going to drive me to drink…oh no wait….that has happened already!

  2. Urgh! I have one as well… there is NOTHING I can do to make him see that he is his own worst enemy!
    I had a good giggle when I saw your frustration in the comment: “If she is not careful it is going to be ME!!!!”
    Go Granny – bite her ankles… *grin*

    • Hell I wish I could…bite her ankles…she is trying to influence another new staff member…have to put a stop to it now!!!

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