Posted by: granny1947 | May 18, 2010



Good Morning All.

I hope there IS someone out there.

The above is the first of many pictures you will see of my beach.

I am crazy about the place.

To get home from work every day I have to go over a large mountain pass.

Incredible views.

Great in summer.

Not so much in winter!

Yesterday I left work in glorious sunshine.

Reached the top of the mountain and went into a wall of mist.

By the time I got home it was a real peasouper.

Jasmine did not get her walk.

She is sulking and sending me on a real guilt trip.

Do hope you all have a great day.


  1. Good morning, poor Jasmine is in for peasoup season, I’m afraid.

    • It looks like it….the sun forgot to come up for hours!!!

  2. Hmph – what is this? The winter migration?? Does this mean I must also migrate now???????????
    Hello Granny!! 🙂

    • Hey you….lovely to hear from you…nope …would never expect people to migrate….would be great to stay in touch,though.

  3. Hi granny, I’m so glad you are also here! It’s me…Say What?! from LD.

    We are also having a misty day in George. I love it – hot chocolate and book-reading weather.

    • Hi There….this is wonderful…a reunion of old friends…am starting to feel happier by the minute!!!

  4. GRANNY!!! I am so glad to see you here. I opened my new blog here a couple of weeks ago but up to yesterday hadn’t posted anything because I kinda lost my mojo. However… my sister in Aussie moaned because she was missing my insane ramblings…. so I went out – found my mojo and kicked the little twit’s behind and voila – did my first post yesterday. Everybody knows you don’t mess with older sisters – they get nasty!
    Great to know that I will still get my daily granny fix. Mwah!

    • Back at you girl….big lonely world here….think we will have to have our own little community…all the rebels!!!

  5. Ha! I just added you to my blogroll..

    • Got you back….but I don’t SEE the damn blogroll!!!!

    • Also…can’t see Blog Info on Cindy’s post….damn I feel stupid!

      • Loaded kitty on Gravatar….still not happening…..

      • Morning Granny… I can see your avatar now – how did you fix it?

      • Eventually found gravatar…it seems as if you comment on an outside comment your avatar doesn’t show…just my theory!

      • Nope…that theory out the door…don’t see my avatar on my reply to you!!

  6. Hello Granny. One guess who. Glad to see some familiar faces

    • Hello There!!!!This is starting to feel more like home!!!

  7. Hello Granny!
    I popped over to see who is on WordPress now.
    All my favorites 😉

    • Ah Bambina…that is so sweet of you…come again soon,love.

  8. Yeehaw!
    It’s so good to know I haven’t lost you forever!

    • Yippee!!!!!We stay intouch!!!

  9. Oh well let me join this little reunion bash and say my hello’s too. I found you at last without your help old lady :o) xxx

    • Old Lady…Humpffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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