Posted by: granny1947 | May 17, 2010


Good Morning Everyone.

A very quick post.

I have one day to finish a three day project.

I couldn’t post last night.

Giving birth is very exhausting.

My daughter phoned me at one in the morning to say her water had broken

and she was going through to Bredasdorp hospital.

I thought “cool” and tried to go back to sleep.

That didn’t work too well.

At six I phoned my daughter only to find an ambulance had fetched her and

she was now in Worcester.

When she was seven she had surgery for a hole in the heart so they wanted

to be able to monitor her better.

I discovered she was all alone so I got in my car and headed north.

Now…in the lalaland I call my brain…I had this idea of being a Florence Nightingale.

Standing beside her with a damp cloth and mopping her brow.

Whispering soft words of encouragement.

I had not taken into account that this was my child.

Her pain became my pain.

I was emotionally involved.

I also expected to be banished when the pushing started.

This was not to be.

I was co-opted in as assistant midwife.

Oh my word.

I think I might just attend a soccer match now.

I can be a cheerleader with the best of them.

I am now an expert at shouting PUSH!!!!

The head appeared.

Then it went back.

The head appeared.

And it went back.

Shades of the feather at the Spa!

I looked at the head.

It appeared to have a massive vein across the top.

I thought…this kid is going to be an alien.

I thought…I will love him anyway.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a part of the cord.

To cut a long story short….the sister finally cut her…the only time I looked away.

And out popped my grandson.

And he is definitely a boy!

He spent a couple of minutes on my daughter’s tummy and then she gave

him to me as she was shaking.

I swear I felt love growing in my heart.

I adore him already.

So my precious little grandson….welcome to the world and into our lives.

You are going to have so much love.


  1. Precious!

    • I can hardly argue with you!!!

  2. What a lucky little boy!!!


  3. he’s adorable! how many grandkids do you have?

    • He is number seven!!!
      Two girls and five boys.
      I am so blessed.

  4. Hello Granny. You are sorely missed, but so glad to find you here! Who else, besides OC, has joined here? Hope you are well.

    • Hello Jen…great stuff…familiar faces…Lyndatjie is here and on top form!

  5. Only just seen this gorgeous little fella. Welcome to the world, little precious! Hugs to you Granny.

    • Good Morning Ad…isn’t he stunning…such a sweet little thing.

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