Posted by: granny1947 | May 17, 2010

more about me

Hi Again.

I live in a small village south of Cape Town.

Most days I walk on the beach…weather permitting.

You will be seeing a lot of my beach.

Also my dog, Jasmine.

Let me introduce her.


She is a spoilt brat.

Has her own armchair.

Her imploring looks drag me to the beach every day.

I love her to bits.


  1. She’s a dog in a million 🙂

    • A very sulky one today…not talking to me.

  2. Hi Granny, I’m not a blogger but have been following your blog for a while now. Thank goodness I have found you again!! Shooo – relief!!
    LOVE your photo’s (esp. of Jasmine) and the beach – soul soothing, they are! Keep up the good work – I for one appreciate your blog every day.

    • Oh wow and I didn’t even know about you…thank you so much….why aren’t you blogging?

      • Time is a big one – hubby and I run our own business – generally read blogs whilst wolfing down some lunch – and sometimes at night – like now. I work until 6pm and then with cooking etc, time is short. Didn’t have to cook tonight – YAY – thank you local curry house 🙂
        Don’t really know that I have anything to blog about ?? hmmm. Did try to keep a record of day to day happenings and found that it just got so behind I couldn’t remember everything – senior moments I believe – hehehe. Also, a little afraid of “putting it out there” – So I just read all the blogs – so glad to have found all the old LD blogs here – but yours especially as it was your blog which introduced me to the world of bloggers and am now a firm fan. I especially enjoyed your photos of Jasmine and the 2 wolfhounds on your beach – they are really gentle giants – I have my 5th Hound at the moment – the biggest of all of them, but such a baby boy at heart – incidentally, he came from Cape Town.
        This has turned into a missive – apologies, but on LD one couldn’t comment unless you had a blog! Have a stunning evening. PS Your newest grandson is just toooooo cute!

      • Hello Wolfhound…as you say…yay for takeaways.
        We have quite a few wolfhounds on our beach.
        Jasmine avoids them…too big for her liking….she is a real baby…unless she thinks I am in danger!
        There wasn’t too much room for walking this evening…so much kelp….a couple of hot days and there is going to be a real pong!
        Thanks so much for the kind words about the new Grandson…of course…I think he is stunning….am planning to go and see him in June…taking the 16 year old granddaughter with…she hasn’t seen him yet and is feeling a bit left out.

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